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Make it a happy Halloween for the kids

Co-parenting has challenges, and holidays can be especially difficult for parents. Halloween is no exception. Divorced and unmarried parents often find themselves facing issues they didn't expect, even if they have a thorough parenting plan/custody agreement.

Halloween doesn't have to be contentious. Learn how you and your co-parent can make Halloween easier for the entire family by following a few simple steps.

Halloween co-parenting tips

  • Plan ahead. Don't wait until the last minute to determine who will get to take the children to Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. Talk to each other ahead of time and make a plan. Perhaps the children can trick or treat in both of your neighborhoods if you coordinate.
  • Do things as a family. If it's not possible for the children to trick or treat in both neighborhoods, see if the other parent is willing to go together as a family. The children may appreciate this effort, and neither parent has to miss out.
  • Discuss the costumes. Try not to argue over who purchased the costumes and when the children can wear them. Your children will want to wear their costumes, regardless of who paid for them and where they trick or treat. Arguments such as these can put stress on the children and take the fun out of the holiday. You may also want to discuss what type of costumes you both are comfortable with the children wearing so there are no last-minute disputes.

Need to modify your parenting plan?

Your parenting plan may not include Halloween or other important days of the year. You can seek a modification of the parenting plan to cover these types of issues. For some parents, having the structure of a thorough parenting plan takes the stress out of co-parenting. Others prefer having more flexibility.

You can learn more about what's right for you and your family by speaking with a family law attorney.


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