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Spring Is The Best Time To List Your Property

According to recent studies, mid-March to mid-April is the best time to list your home for sale. Known as the "magic window," spring listings sell 15 percent faster and for 2 percent more than homes listed during the rest of the year. Why? There are several reasons:

Supply and demand

In most industries, the more inventory there is, the lower the sale price. This is opposite for the real estate market. While more homes are listed for sale in the spring, there is also an increase in demand, which means more competition and higher sale prices, and every seller's dream: bidding wars.

Your home's value is based off your neighbors' values

When listing your home, realtors determine price based off recent sales in your area. If you list your home in the winter there will be fewer sales to evaluate and the homes will have sold at a lower price. Because data shows more homes are listed in the spring and summer - and sell at higher prices - listing your home during this season means you can price higher than you would in the fall or winter months.

Your home shows better

Winter in New York means short, dark days, cold temperatures and slushy brown snow. No one's excited to pull up to a home and find an icy driveway, leaf-less trees and messy-looking sidewalks. Homes just look better in the spring and summer, and the better your home looks, the more it sells for.

In short, if you want more competition from motivated buyers, higher home values and quicker closing dates, now is the time to list your real estate.

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