Your Rights Concerning Child Custody And Support

As a parent, nothing is more important than your bond with your child. At Farrauto Berman & Slater, we know this, and we will fight to protect it.

Located in Yonkers, our attorneys represent parents in Yonkers and throughout the New York metro area during child custody and child support disputes. We are on your side.

Child Custody, Visitation And Child Support

In New York, custody can take many forms. While it is possible for one parent to have sole physical or legal custody, it is more common for parents to share custody of their children. Shared custody does not necessarily mean kids split their time 50-50 between households. Instead, one parent may have primary custody while the other has visitation.

When evaluating custody, courts make decisions based on the "best interests" of the children. At Farrauto Berman & Slater, we want what is best for you and your children, too. We are committed to getting you the parenting time and access you need to build and maintain a strong relationship with your children.

When possible, our lawyers attempt to negotiate parenting plans, or custody arrangements, out of court. This is not only a faster and more cost-efficient path, but it also gives you the most flexibility to create a schedule that works best for your child. If the other parent refuses to cooperate, however, we will go to court and fight to protect your parental rights.

We also handle child support issues. Child support is determined through a formula in New York. The calculation takes into consideration each parent's income, child care expenses, tax obligations, alimony payments and custody arrangements.


Relocating impacts one parent's ability to spend time with his or her children. Because of this, permission must be obtained before moving to another city, county, state or country. As with initial custody decisions, the court evaluates the move to determine whether it is in the best interests of the child. If the court rules against the relocation, the child cannot move away; if the court allows the move, custody and visitation agreements need to be modified.

Our firm represents parents on both sides of the table — those who want to relocate and those wishing to prevent a move. No matter which side you are on, we will fight to ensure that your parental rights are protected and your time with your children is respected.

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